Disposable tableware was first introduced to the U.S. market in the 1950's.
Muscovites and tourists of the capital first saw disposable tableware during the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.
In early 1990's, Russia became a large and fast-growing importer of disposable tableware of European, American and, of course, later on, Asian producers.
The first Russian manufacturers of disposable tableware appeared in the 90s of the previous century.

We were not the first firm to produce disposable tableware in Russia, since we only began producing disposable tableware in the early 21st Century. Therefore, we cannot claim to be the first producers. 


  • We began manufacturing plastic products using the most up-to-date equipment
  • We chose the most expensive equipment and have never regretted about our initial choice
  • We chose the best press molds from Swiss manufacturers, which guarantees high quality finished products and faster production
  • We work with suppliers of high quality raw and packaging materials

Our Main Advantages:

  • High quality products
  • Weight optimization finished products, which makes them highly attractive in terms of pricing
  • Our products are lighter (even if it is only by a couple milligrams), than those of our competitors, meanwhile preserving the same volume and shape of the products. This is because of the high degree of technical perfection in the construction of press molds, along with a high degree of innovative technological decisions in regard to the creation of the press molds.
  • We have our own production
  • We receive the high quality raw materials directly from the producer.
  • We hold open purchasing campaigns and receive the best prices from our suppliers
  • We maintain direct contact with European centers of technical support of producers of the equipment we are using, which means that if we need a spare part in the evening, we will receive the next afternoon
  • - we have our own logistics, therefore, our customer can access a full rage of additional services, which are directly connected with active support in the promotion and sale of our products  
  • - we offer additional preferences to our customers, concerning deferral payments for actually supplied goods
  • The same applies to our sewing production:
  • - we use the most up-to-date sewing machines
  • - we purchase fabrics, expendable materials and trimming – directly from the best producers of in China and countries of South-eastern Asia
  • - we have high-speed sewing machines and a full range of additional equipment  for production of ready-made cloths of high workmanship

Speaking of the sewing industry, one can often hear a question – “WHAT FOR DO YOU MANUFACTURE IN RUSSIA THOSE THINGS THAT CAN BE SIMPLY PURCHASED IN CHINA?”
there is some logic in this question ……… however, you can hear this question mostly from laymen,
and here is the explanation:
China today and China in the 90s of the previous century –these are totally different worlds and notions today
China is no longer a cheap and accessible manufacturer, as it used to be some time ago
Of course, China may offer at lower prices, but it affects the quality at once.
Today is 2012  ……. And the quality that the Russian customer demands and which he is already used to – is not at all cheap now in China.

It took us months and years of detailed and applied calculations to understand that China is no longer an alternative when speaking about quality.

It easier for us to manufacture products from Chinese materials and components because

- we can control the quality of manufactured products
- we can promptly respond to coming orders without waiting for the arrival of imported goods
- we can significantly reduce the production cost of own products since we will not depend on customs charges for importing finished products

In paper manufacture:

- we are using modern converting equipment of the leading European producers
- using our own resources, we produce napkins, pre-pack spices in sticks and bags
-we have high-speed industrial filling lines for end products  
- we buy ground paper for production-converting products from the acknowledged European suppliers in Germany, Sweden, Italy and the best domestic producers