CJSC "Chisty dom" was founded in 2006.

At the beginning, the company was only involved in the distribution and sale of imported products.

In search of substituting its imports, the company started its own production of products.


In 2009, the company's production line was identified as a completely independent line of production without the involvement of any other firms. 


Since 2009,CJSC "Chisty dom" has been manufacturing and sells their products under the trademark AEROSNAB since 2003.

Our production factory is located in Vladimir region, 2 km from the federal highway, Ì7 VOLGA and 89 km from Moscow Ring Road (MKAD)

Travelling time is around 1 hour and 30 minutes from the MKAD


There are four production factories (total area – 7000 square meters), which are spread out in a 2.5-hectare territory

Our staff consists of qualified managers, designers, engineers, servicemen, seamstresses, packers, and laborers who are capable of doing the work required.

The production activity is carried out in three main directions:


Processing of polymer materials by pressure molding.

The production is equipped with modern high-speed injection-molding machines with mold-clamping force from 80 to 350 tons.

We have a full set of peripheral and packaging equipment, systems of production automation and control of output quality.

We have a fleet of high-tech manufacturing equipment from the leading European manufacturers.

Our production is economical and environmentally clean.

The manufacture and shipment of finished products is carried out on a 24-hour basis.


Sewing production

The fleet of sewing equipment has more than 200 units.

Modern high-speed sewing machines, machinery, ancillary equipment for work of any complexity level   for any type of fabric.

Automatic cloth-cutting machines, equipment for control of fabric quality, high-performance ironing and packaging machines.


Processing of paper products  – conversion 

Manufacture of paper and sanitary-hygienic products for industrial and household needs.

The production is equipped with high-performance machines, packaging lines and ancillary equipment.

Our company has storage spaces.

We use the technologies of computer-aided management of storage facilities.

We have our own logistics service for delivery of finished products.


Every day we are making some practical   steps for our product line extension

In 2009 we launched the production in our branch in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow region

In 2011 we started the program of renewal of our processing equipment

In 2012 we are planning to open a manufacturing branch in Ukraine.